Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

‘I danced since I was a child. After a dance injury at 25, I got a degree in Architecture in Italy but after that I always worked as an Art director and Choreographer in fashion and art, creating many videos, graphic work and installations until 4 years ago when I moved from Milan to London. I could not travel anymore for my beautiful and fantastic 3 kids, so I decided to change life. I qualified in London as a Stott Barre teacher and in ETM with YMCA also I followed a course in Concept Barre Method and I’m qualifying in weight management nutritionist. What I would like to do is transform bodies in beautiful and efficient structures and I use Dance conditioning workout to achieve results. I ended up studying the origins and mixing different techniques: ballet barre Vaganova, Cunningham, Tribal contemporary, Horton technique, Callanetics, Lotte Berk and fitness aerobic…

I believe in dance therapy, in transforming the body using aerobic movement for a happy and long life; I believe also that the grace of a movement and not just do it, brings our body to explore different shapes; I believe in a beautiful and lean body behind every dress at every age; I believe in art as a life choice. Dance is the best way to maintain a good body and a good spirit. Every age can dance and use the body. I believe that gravity can be managed if we really want to have a healthy body!

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